HYBRID WOOD 2-Ply Engineered Hardwood Flooring Invention

Revolutionary Innovation

Using real SOLID wood materials with Formaldehyde Free adhesives, Alston’s patentedHYBRID SOLID® innovation technology fuses a thick SOLID Hardwood Wear Layer, in combination with a SOLID Pine Wood Foundation that are locked together by solid wood lumber Cross Grain Fillets and Structural Edge Beams for maximum dimensional stability. Our exclusive Hybrid Solid creation is a naturally made Green Product that leaps ahead of anything else currently on the market!


Platinum Advantages

  • Natural Solid Wood Construction For Best Quality.
  • Formaldehyde FREE (Eco-Friendly Green Product).
  • Interlocking Construction Ensures Maximum Dimensional Stability.
  • Quick And Easy Installation.
  • Can Be Refinished And Re-sanded As A SOLID For Better Value.
  • Benefits Of Both Solid & Engineered.