RIGIDWOOD Waterproof & Fire-resistant SPC
with Real Wood Veneer Flooring Invention

Instead of a wood looking photograph film, an exceptional Natural Real Wood Veneer top layer fused together with an Alston’s exclusive StoneCoreXTM SPC Core that utilizes nanotechnology and bond selected Stone Polymer Composites to offer Rigidity, Flexibility and dimensional Stability, and finished off with a thick layer of acoustic reduction IXPE Foam Padding for noise management. This innovative creation evolved into a more natural and real wood looking floor with an unique construction providing maximum dimensional stability and completely eliminates deflections from subfloor imperfections and moisture problem. Furthermore, an advance I4F (Angle-Drop) clicking system is used for easier installation. Alston’s exclusive advantages are great leaps forward compared to anything else currently on the market, is the next EVOLUTION of floor surfaces.


Platinum Advantages

  • Real Wood Veneer Face (Natural Wood Looks And Feels).
  • Formaldehyde FREE (Eco-Friendly).
  • Exclusive StoneCoreXTM  Foundation (Rigidity, Flexibility and Stability).
  • Better Waterproof & Fire-resistant Performance.
  • Anti-Scratch Diamond Bead Coatings Rated For Commercial Application.
  • Advanced Clicking System for Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Sound Reduction IXPE Foam Padding Included.
  • High Impact Resistant.